Weekend Program

After the work week is done, everyone looks to the weekend for a bit of fun, socialisation and an opportunity to get out and about.

This is where the FORGE Weekend program comes alive.

At FORGE, we understand that young adults aged up to 25 years want to experience and participate in age-appropriate activities.

Forming friendships and having the opportunity to socialise with peers has many benefits including improving communication skills, further developing concepts of sharing and teamwork, growing confidence and managing emotions.

The Weekend program is not only fun but also designed to further extend vital skills. 

Weekend programs may include:

  • Using public transport to attend various events in the community
  • Attending a sporting event
  • Celebrating a birthday out with friends
  • Enjoying a show and a meal at a club

Check out what we’re getting up to this month here, spots are OPEN!

To find out more and to make a booking, enquire now.

You can contact us on (02) 9747 5782 to start the conversation or email us at forgeds@safc.org.au

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