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The Forge program is a great way to help young adults transition from school life to the next stage. It provides a safe and fun environment that encourages socialising and personal growth.

Forge services offer a range of activities, both in their purpose-built centre and in the community, that can help young adults develop a range of skills and experiences. These activities could include learning a new skill, exploring a new hobby, or even developing a new job.

Forge also provides a social atmosphere for young adults to form relationships, build their confidence, and make positive connections with their peers. All of these activities can help young adults to better prepare for life after school and to become more successful in their future endeavours.



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Frequently Asked Questions
Please feel free to contact us if you have any other questions.
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How would I or my child join Forge?
Every participant needs to meet NDIS and SAFC requirements before we would be able to provide services. Once you initiate a conversation with our coordination team, we will then guide you through the process and invite you for a tour where we could discuss further. The on boarding process usually takes up to 2 weeks.
What is the difference between EPIK and Forge Programs?
Both programs provide support to NDIS registered participants. EPIK is for school aged children starting from 5 years while Forge is specifically designed for young adults aged up to 25 years of age.
What services does SAFC provide under EPIK and Forge Programs?
1. EPIK and Forge Individual support 1:1 – Community based activities or in-home care (transport could be provided – charge applies) can be provided for participants aged 5-25yrs.
2. EPIK After school group (5 days a week)
3. EPIK Holiday group programs & 1:1 (centre based at Wangee park school & community access at Croydon)
4. EPIK and Forge Weekend program - Group & 1:1 (Saturday – parents to pick up & drop off)
5. EPIK & Forge Short term accommodation (overnight stay, 24/7 – transport and meals are included)
6. Forge day program: Day program including activities for young adults after leaving school and up to 25 years.
What is the difference between Community Access and Centre Based?
Our Community Access program offers a range of activities and experiences for our participants while out in the community. Community Access encourages our participants to get out and about, be active, and to socialise with their peers. With choices of paid and free activities, such as trampolining centres or public water parks respectively, there is always something exciting to do or somewhere new to explore with EPIK’s Community Access Program.
Our Centre Based Program caters to the creativity within each one of our participants. We encourage our participants to learn a new skill, discover a new passion, and to work together to achieve great things. With a range of arts and crafts activities, musical instruments to play, or dishes to make in our cooking program, staying in for the day doesn’t mean we won’t have fun.